Due to my path, has a variety of projects, very different among themselves. I like to subdivide them in 3 subsets:

Of course, some projects may be in more than one category.


A gestural interface for 3D modeling

Thesis project under NDA


AR application for network maintenance

Workshop with JoinPad


How to prototype an OLED newspaper that merge the physical feelings with the digital easiness?

UCI cinemas

A redesign prototype for the UCI Cinemas website


A 2D puzzle-platform game developed in Unity


Driving simulator dashboard


An interactive climbing hold that helps the user training in the most useful way according to his/her skills level

Jansjö hacked lamp

We wanted to elevate and boost a lamp functionalities by making the user’s focus/relax session our core goal


A small device able to charge all of your technological devices through different energy transformation

You can take a look to some older projects on Behance.

Few more valuable projects took part to .